The Cheetahs are a race who debuted in Dawn of the Dragon.

In The Legend of Spyro series, cheetahs live in the Valley of Avalar and reside within the Cheetah Village. There is a cheetah hermit, who lives on the other side of the valley. It would seem that they have been neutral in the war against the Dark Master, but one Cheetah, named Hunter tried to help in the war before his village got involved. The cheetahs afterwards joined the Dragon race in their fight against Malefor's forces.

It was mentioned by Meadow that not all of the cheetahs share the same views as their leader, Prowlus, who had a strong distrust towards Dragons due to the village's misfortunes caused by Malefor and the corrupted Cynder.



  • All of the cheetahs in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon have very similar appearances. Though they may be different colors and holding different weapons, in artwork they all have the same stance and the same eyes.
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