"You're a little late, fella; the crystal's already charged, and the volcano's ready to blow! But before it does, me and Steam are gonna take great pleasure in running you down!"
—The Conductor

The Conductor is an Ape who is a driver to his train engine, Steam, who only appeared in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning. He, along with Steam, serve as a boss in Munitions Forge. The Conductor may have been the head of Cynder's security in the lava-composed island. He's also one of the few Apes who can talk.


The Conductor is a gold-hairy ape with a brown belt, and wears a Tall Purple Conductor's hat which looks similar to a Drum major hat. He seems to have a purple chest with elbows and his feet as well.


Spyro and Sparx witnessed the Conductor ordering the other Apes to be on guard, while he brought the caboose containing the elemental crystals to the area where Terrador was held prisoner. Spyro then pursued the Conductor and several Ape Leaders (who just happened to be his passengers) on a rail cart through the railroad tunnels of the volcano in an attempt to stop the train, but was no match for it and was driven off the tracks.

The Conductor crossed paths with Spyro again on the top of the volcano where Terrador was kept. He told Spyro and Sparx that they were a little too late because the crystal was already charged and the volcano of Boyzitbig was getting ready to erupt. The Ape then attempted to destroy Spyro using Steam, but was defeated by the purple dragon with Steam exploding, releasing Terrador from his prison.

The Conductor's fate was left unknown, as he could still be seen on top of Steam after it exploded. One theory is that he hopped off his destroyed locomotive and escaped. Another is that he was killed by either the eruption of Boyzitbig or a second and more potent explosion from Steam.

International Voice Actors

  • Dutch = (unsure)
  • French = (unsure)
  • German = (unsure)
  • Italian = Riccardo Rovatti
  • Spanish = (unsure)
  • Russian = (unsure)

ADVICE: The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon is the only Legend game to also have a Finnish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian audio dubbing track. Therefore, Since the Conductor does not appear in that game, he does not have those following language voices.

  • NOTE: Some of the voice actors are missing. Please fill in the correct voice actors for the correct language.


  • In the Italian version, the Conductor is known as: Il Macchinista, which literally means: The Machinist in Italian.
  • His original English voice was done by Kevin Michael Richardson, who has also done Terrador's, Sniff's, Hermit's, Chief Prowlus's and Gaul's voices in the Legend series.
  • His Italian voice was done by: Riccardo Rovatti, in which he has also done Volteer's, The Chronicler's and Mason's Italian voices.
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