Fear is an element acquired by Cynder in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.


The symbol of fear looks like Cynder's head colored ruby red. The eyes are squinting, giving others a glare to strike fear into their hearts.


Primary Fear

  • Siren Scream: Cynder can unleash her fear element as a scream. The red rays hit enemies and petrify them with fear. The sound is also loud enough to activate tuning forks.
  • Blaring Siren Scream
  • Piercing Siren Scream

Secondary Fear

  • Phantom Fright: Cynder can release her fear element as ghastly orbs that, when near enemies, swirl around them, stun them and explode with concussive force.
  • Stunning Phantom Fright
  • Paralyzing Phantom Fright


  • Part of the inspiration for Cynder's Fear element originated from the developers looking into various popular fantasy books – such as Dragon Lance. In the book series, dragons give off Dragon Fear, which frightens anyone in the vicinity to near paralysis. There are a lot of really interesting magical abilities that some of the darker dragons have, not just in that series, but in many fantasy books that deal with dragons.[1]
  • According to lead concept artist Jared Pullen, dragons of the Poison, Shadow and Fear elements exist, but the elements come from a different, darker entity instead of the light entity that created the other elements (Fire, Electricity, Ice, Earth and Wind).[2]


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