This article is about the race in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. You may be looking for for the Boss in Dawn of the Dragon.

The Golems are creatures that appeared in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. So far, there has been two known Golems in the game. However, other golems appear in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning.


The Golems seem to be a part of the Dark Master's army, though they are summoned by Malefor, seemingly as a last resort. In the Legend series, a Golem is basically a creature that is an embodiment of destruction. At some point in Dawn of the Dragon, Malefor claims that it the duty of the purple dragons to reawaken the Destroyer and the "Golems of the Deep" to bring out the Great Cleansing to destroy the world.


Rubble Brutes

Stone Brutes are a type of Golem that are made from animated stone. They live in Tall Plains and are believed to be related to the Stone Sentinel.


The first Golem Spyro and Cynder encountered was the one that attacked them in the Catacombs as they were planned to be sacrificed to it by Malefor's orders. However, the two dragons escaped with Hunter of Avalar, and in one of the attempts to stop them, the Golem's arm was chipped off. It later appeared in the Dragon City of Warfang after Malefor's army attempted to destroy the city, reconstructing its missing arm with the debris of a building during its attack. The Golem was then defeated by the combined efforts of Spyro and Cynder.


The Destroyer was resurrected a while after the Golem was defeated, and possesses the ability to bring about a new age by destroying the world. Though the Destroyer succeeded in breaking the world apart, Spyro reconstructed the world after Malefor was defeated.



  • In the DS version of Dawn of the Dragon, other golems made a brief appearance as Malefor tells Spyro of 'the duty of the purple dragons'.
  • The Ice Golem shown in the DS screenshot resembles the Ice Titan from Hercules while another resembles Torizos from Metroids.
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