Purple Dragons are a special and rare breed of dragon; born once every ten generations. They hold the power to master all of the elements, as well as other abilities the Guardian dragons thought were not possible, including time itself. It is said that the purple dragon is supposed to bring justice, hope, and peace to the Dragon Realms.

Purple Dragons have the ability to harness the power of all of the elements (Fire, Ice, Earth, Electricity, Wind, etc.), while all other dragons are capable of breathing one particular element. This innate power however leaves them vulnerable to the effects of darkness. They can channel the powers of this sinister magic to master it, but if not fully harnessed, they can become controlled by its dark influence which can be triggered if a Purple Dragon is overwhelmed by negative emotions. Evident of this is in Dawn of the Dragon when Spyro transformed into Dark Spyro when he became devastated by the death of his mentor, Ignitus. Malefor has also stated that he is eternal, which may be another ability that purple dragons possess, making them immortal.

Notable Purple Dragons

There have only been two known Purple Dragons in The Legend of Spyro series, Malefor and Spyro. It is unknown if there were any other Purple Dragons before them. The Chronicler has claimed Malefor to be the first Purple Dragon, though this fact has been challenged by Malefor himself, who claimed that there were many before him.


The destiny of the Purple Dragon is to direct the fate of an era, but according to Malefor, their destiny was to destroy the world. Unlike Malefor, Spyro saved the world instead. It should be noted that while Malefor needed the Destroyer to bring about what he saw was the destiny of the purple dragon by destroying the world, Spyro was capable of undoing the Destroyer's devastation with only his power, which may imply Spyro's view is more correct.


  • In The Eternal Night, The Chronicler mentioned that one of Malefor's elements was wind. It is possible that the Purple Dragon can not only master the four elements, but they can also master the wind element.
  • In Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, one of the rarest, if not most rare, dragon is the Purple Dragon, who believe themselves to be the lords of all dragonkind.
  • The colour purple is often associated with royalty, reinforcing the idea that purple dragons have a higher potential for magic.